Huang Jianxiang: Morocco said that he wanted to limit the French brain Grizmann, how to limit it? Would you like to change your name?

Qatar World Cup semi-final France vs Morocco. The race is about to begin, and Huang Jianxiang, a well-known commentator, gave his own views on the game before the race.
Huang Jianxiang said:
French team Rabio and Yu Pamecano were absent from the cold and went to Konate and Fofanah. On the other hand, all the main players on the Moroccan side have started, but I don’t know if the injured have really fully recovered.
Morocco coach said before the game: not too worried about Mbappe, just give it to Ashraff, he pays more attention to Grizman, because he is the brain of the French team, so he is thinking about how to limit the grid. However, how to limit the grid? How to exchange a son?
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