Hubei media said that the three towns of Wuhan won the championship: stable input is the strongest combat effectiveness, and foreign aid is the core competitiveness.

On December 30, the three towns of Wuhan won the championship of the Chinese Super League this season. Hubei media Nine parties News talked about the championship of the three towns of Wuhan, saying that the stable input of the club is the strongest combat effectiveness.
Coach Pedro: the Poseidon Needle of three towns in Wuhan
Pedro became the coach of the three towns of Wuhan in the middle of the 2021 season. After taking office, he led the team to a 14-game winning streak and finally helped the team to the Chinese Super League. After entering the Chinese Super League, Pedro led the team to a 12-game winning streak, it can be said that Wuhan three towns only choose the right coach, not expensive, is one of the important reasons for the team’s achievements to leap in a short time.
Foreign aid: the core of luxury warships in the three towns of Wuhan
Malcolm is the team’s key player in the Super League last season. He has scored 27 goals this season and is likely to win the Golden Boots of the Chinese Super League. Davidson contributed 18 goals and 13 assists, while Stancho is the absolute core of midfield, contributing 10 goals and 12 assists. In addition, Wallace in the back line of defense performs steadily, and the core competitiveness of the three towns of Wuhan is these foreign aid with high performance-to-price ratio.
Local players: complement each other with foreign aid
This year, the three towns of Wuhan introduced internal aid such as Deng Hanwen, Xie Pengfei and Liu Dianzhu, among which Xie Pengfei grew the fastest, contributing eight balls and nine assists, coupled with Deng Zhuoxiang, Ren Hang, Sang Yifei and other players. It can be said that the solid lineup of the three towns of Wuhan helps the team to remain competitive.
Stable input: the strongest combat effectiveness of the Chinese Super League without underpayment.
Very few of the 18 teams in the Chinese Super League do not owe wages, not to mention spending money to bring in aid, as long as there is a little investment in such an environment, it will be reflected in the rankings. Of course, the three towns of Wuhan are not unrestrained investment, the team is just the cost of a normal club, but this is already very valuable in the Chinese Super League.