Ibrahimovic: Milan’s goal in the second half? The Serie An Italian Cup and the Champions League champion, I want all of them.

On December 13, Milan star Ibrahimovic accepted an exclusive interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport yesterday, he also talked about his goals for this season, the following is the second part of the interview.
What’s your next new goal?
I want it all, and if I continue to play, it’s because I believe I can do it. Serie A, the Italian Cup, the Italian Super Cup, the Champions League, we all want it, and giving up one goal means giving up all our goals. this is not the mentality we should have.
Champions League champion? Is this a dream or a real goal?
I have no dreams, only goals. Let’s leave our dreams to others. I will fight for them. Football has taught me one thing: anything is possible and something unexpected will happen. look at Morocco’s performance in the World Cup. I Zlatan has said that Morocco is very strong and Amrabat is very good.
Milan is a very strong whole, maybe other teams are better in terms of personal ability or experience, as seen against Chelsea, but our advantage is the whole, we are very confident, and everyone will work hard for it. We are more mature and sober now, we have more players who can change the game, as for those who were on the team last season. They even know how to win.
Does this view also apply to leagues? Can Milan catch up in the second half?
Obviously, we are in second place at the moment. Napoli are very strong and Kovalazhlia is the player who impressed me the most, but Juve are also picking up and Inter are also fighting for the title, but Milan will still try. In addition, this year’s league is very unusual, and there is a World Cup in the middle, so I think this season will be more complicated. From my experience of winning league titles many times, I think the second half of the season is often the most decisive.
Your teammate Giroux did well in the World Cup. Did you teach him the secret of staying young?
In fact, he may never say it to my face, but I am his idol. Oliver is very good, he is our cornerstone player, last year when I was not in the team, Giroux played a key role, this year played a decisive performance, and just like at Milan, Giroux is also very good for the French national team.
Giroux is a great man, serious and elegant, as well as a good professional. He has a clear goal for himself and knows that he can make any decision. He wants to move on. Only when he is no longer sure of himself will he take a step back.
Leo also needs to take a step forward. Would you advise him to stay at Milan?
Of course, Milan is a suitable environment for him. Look at his progress. When Leo first joined Milan, he was far from the decisive player he is today. Leo is a very important player for Milan. Would he be equally important if he went to another team? Then he may have to start all over again, and you can’t be sure if you’re ready.
Now in Milan, Leo has everyone’s trust and can get enough space and freedom, which is not necessarily in other clubs, depending on whether he can conquer the team. As you can see, Leo was so happy at Milan that he started smiling even before he scored.
Can Leo reach the level of Ibrahimovic?
He is the fastest growing young player, in addition, Special Olympics has made great progress, de Caitraere is also very strong, we just need to be more patient, but Leo is another level of player, he is above average, he is only the last step short, only when Leo fully believes in his ability, he can achieve transformation, now even Leo does not know how strong he is. When he is fully mature, it will be very terrible, of course, his price will rise. (laughs)
Have you ever communicated with him to give him some excitement?
When he kills all sides on the court, it is a real massacre, but he is not satisfied with what he has done. If he praises him when he plays well and criticizes him when he does not play well, it is too easy. I am playing the opposite game with him.
As a matter of fact, I have talked to all the players, the details depend on the timing, and I will keep it a secret. I don’t have a prepared script. Pioli knows how I communicate with my teammates, and he is usually in the dressing room, but he will set aside a few minutes for me to communicate with my teammates. I can also “relax”.
So Ibrahimovic, will you have your own coach’s office in the future?
What? Am I not a coach yet? Seriously, I don’t think about coaching yet. Being a coach means great responsibility. Great players don’t automatically become great coaches. Zinedine Zidane or Guardiola are not that easy to show up, so Ibrahimovic is not that easy to become a good coach. I don’t have an advantage in this respect. I need to learn and practice step by step.
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