If they beat Manchester City, Liverpool will have their 150th victory in the Carling Cup.

December 22-defending champions Liverpool will face Manchester City in the Carling Cup 1max final in the early hours of Friday morning Beijing time. Before the game, liverpoolfc. TV took stock of some interesting figures in the Carling Cup history.
1. If they can beat Manchester City, Liverpool will have their 150th victory in the Carling Cup.
2. Liverpool have won against Manchester City twice this season, in the Community Shield and the league.
3. Zimicas is expected to usher in his 50 landmark games at Liverpool.
4. Liverpool and Manchester City last met in the Carling Cup final about seven years ago, when the players in the squad had basically left, leaving only Milner, Henderson and Fermino.
5. In the past 15 games against Manchester City, Salah has scored goals in nine games.
6. Salah is expected to become the first Liverpool player to score goals in all three games against Manchester City in a single season.
7. Kelleher saved more penalties in the penalty shootout (6 times) than any other goalkeeper in Liverpool history.
8. In the last round of the Carling Cup, Kelleher saved three penalties in a penalty shootout against Derbyshire. Kelleher won four penalty shootouts after playing eight Carling Cup games for Liverpool.
9. Klop led Liverpool to 25 Carling Cup matches, using 88 different players.
10. Clop won 12 games and lost 9 games against Guardiola in his coaching career.
Liverpool have scored clean sheets in seven of the past eight Carling Cup games, with only Leicester City scoring three goals against the Reds last season.
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