in the battle against Morocco, Joan Ameni and Grizman were among the top two running distances of the French team

December 15-in the World Cup semi-final, which ended in the early hours of this morning, Special Olympics scored the opening goal, Muani expanded the score in the second half, and finally France beat Morocco 2-0 to advance to the final.
FIFA released the data report of the match after the match, in terms of running distance, the French team ran 106.9 kilometers and Morocco ran 112.5 kilometers.
In terms of players’ running, the French team has four people over 10 kilometers, namely: Joan Ameni (11.7110 km), Grizman (11.1663 km), Conde (10.6367 km) and Fofanah (10.5541 km). Mbappe’s running distance in this field is 8.4756 kilometers.
For the Moroccan team, three players ran more than 10 kilometers, namely: Onehi (11.7385 kilometers), Ambarat (11.2827 kilometers) and Ashraff (10.6621 kilometers).