Infantino and other people want to take pictures with me, and hope that those who criticize me will admit their mistakes and correct their remarks

January 4 News Pele’s farewell ceremony was held on Monday local time.
Fantino took a selfie in front of Bailey’s coffin, which caused controversy and was criticized by public opinion.
Subsequently, Infantino responded to the incident on his personal social media.

Infantino wrote: "I have just returned from a trip to Brazil where I had the honor of attending a beautiful send-off of Pele at the Santos Urbano-Caldeira stadium. Obviously, I was told that I was due to
I was devastated when some people criticized me for taking a selfie at yesterday’s ceremony.

"I want to clarify that I was honored and humbled by the team-mates and family of the great Pele who asked me if I could take a few pictures with them. Obviously I said yes right away.

"In a couple of selfies, Bailey’s team-mates begged us to take a selfie together, but they didn’t know how to do it. So, to help them out, I picked up the phone of one of them and took a picture of all of us for him.

"If helping Pelé’s team-mates invites criticism, I will accept that with pleasure and will continue to do what I can to help those who have contributed to the writing of football legends.

"I have so much respect and admiration for Pele and yesterday’s ceremony and I would never do anything disrespectful.

"I hope that those who speak out without knowledge and information will have the dignity and courage to admit their mistakes and correct their statements.

"In any case, the most important thing is to pay tribute to Pele, and although I humbly suggest that each of our member associations have at least one football stadium named after Pele, we will lead by example and convert the stadium at FIFA headquarters
Named Estádio Pelé-FIFA Zürich. A hug, long live the king!"

(Sonny time)