Inter Milan CEO: Champions League qualification is the minimum goal, and there will be new jersey chest advertising sponsorship in the new season

March 2 News Inter Milan Club CEO Antonello said that qualifying for the Champions League next season is a must
The lowest goal of Inter Milan, Inter Milan will have new jersey chest advertising sponsorship in the new season.

Antonello first said: “Champions League qualification? So far, we are second in the Serie A standings and we believe that Inter Milan has a competitive lineup, so this is the minimum goal for this season. But as long as there is theory
If there is such a possibility, we will look forward to more important goals.”

Antonello went on to say: “Next we have a key game in the Champions League 1/8 finals. We absolutely must play this game well. At the same time, we will keep our attention on Serie A because there is still a long time in the season.
There are still a lot of games to play. Can we do well in the Champions League? Inter are winning on the pitch, so why not? We have to do our best to go further.”

Antonello also talked about the UEFA Super League: “Regarding the UEFA Super League, I think we must wait for the decision of the European Commission. Only in this way can we understand the future of the UEFA Super League.”

This season, Inter Milan’s jersey chest advertising sponsor DigitalBits defaulted on sponsorship fees, and Inter Milan is already looking for new sponsors.
Antonello said in this regard: “Compared with media reports, there is no specific news. I just want to say that the Inter Club is looking for a new partner, and we are conducting in-depth negotiations with various parties. These negotiations will take time.
, but we are absolutely confident that there will be a new shirt sponsor in the new season.”

(Su Erhu)