Inter Milan reversed AC Milan 2-1 and Ibrahimovic scored Eriksson’s lore

Excellent live news: At 3:45 on January 27th, , the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia welcome
Here comes the much-anticipated “Milan Derby”.
In the first half, Kjaer was injured and Tomori made his Milan debut as a substitute.
Milan temporarily led Inter Milan 1-0; in the second half, Ibrahimovic was sent off after two yellows turned one red, Barrera made a point, Lukaku scored to equalize the score, and Eriksson scored directly from a free kick in stoppage time to complete the lore
In the end, Inter Milan reversed AC Milan 2-1 and successfully advanced to the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia.

Key events: In the 31st minute, Dias took a set kick and hoisted into the penalty area and was destroyed. Dalot made a long pass from the outside and lobbed again.
The side post bounced into the net, and Milan led Inter Milan 1-0.


In the 44th minute, Lukaku was brought down by Romagnoli, and the Belgian immediately had a verbal conflict with him.
Later, Lukaku clashed with Ibrahimovic and was bullish, and both of them were given yellow cards by the referee.

In the 58th minute, Kolarov broke through with the ball in midfield and was tripped by Ibrahimovic from behind. The referee decisively blew his whistle to indicate a foul and showed Ibrahimovic the second yellow card of the game. Two yellow cards turned into one red.
sent off.

In the 71st minute, Inter Milan equalized the score!
Lukaku took the penalty kick and volleyed vigorously. The ball hit the lower edge of the crossbar and bounced into the net. Inter Milan 1-1 Milan.

In the 7th minute of stoppage time, Inter Milan overtook the score!
Eriksson took the penalty kick from the front court and directly attacked the goal. The ball drew an arc and then rushed into the net. Inter Milan led Milan 2-1.

In the end, Inter Milan reversed the ten-man Milan 2-1 and successfully advanced to the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia.

Inter Milan vs AC Milan Full Video

Inter Milan vs AC Milan Full Video

Technical statistics:

Lineup of both sides: Inter Milan starting: 1-Handanovic, 37-Skriniar, 6-De Vrij, 11-Kolarov (92′ 15-Ashley Young), 36
-Damian (46′ 2-Ashraf), 23-Barella, 77-Brozovic (88′ 24-Eriksen), 22-Vidal, 14-Perisic (67′
10-Lautaro-Martinez), 7-Sanchez, 9-Lukaku did not appear on the bench: 27-Padelli, 97-Ionnut Radu, 95-Bastoni, 13-Ranocchia
, 5-Gagliardini, 12-Sensei, 99-Pinamonti AC Milan starting: 1-Tatarusanu, 5-Dalot, 24-Kyar (20′ 23-Tomo
), 13-Romagnoli, 19-Theo-Hernandez, 18-Mette, 79-Casey, 56-Sale Markles (85′ 7-Castillejo),
21-Brahim Dias (60′ 12-Rebic), 17-Raphael Leo (85′ 33-Krunic), 11-Ibrahimovic did not appear Substitute: 90-Antonio-Do
Narooma, 96-Yangdal, 2-Calabria, 20-Kalulu, 15-Hayug, 27-Daniel Maldini.