Inter Milan’s current financial gap is about 30 million, but if they enter the Champions League quarter-finals, the pressure will be reduced a lot

According to the latest report of the Italian media “Gazzetta dello Sport”, it was originally rumored that Inter Milan will transfer to sell this summer
It is not correct that 60 million euros should be freed up, and the most correct figure at present should be 30 million euros.
Moreover, if Inter Milan can eliminate Porto and enter the Champions League quarter-finals to accumulate more Champions League bonuses, this number will continue to decrease.

According to the report, Zhang Kangyang hopes that Inter Milan can once again attack the Serie A championship next season. For this reason, the club will inject capital again (Oak’s loan has not been used up before), so that Inter Milan can be more competitive in the transfer market.
There will be more room for operation in the future.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing at the moment is always the numbers.
However, as of June 30 this year, Inter Milan does not need to free up 60 million euros by selling people. The correct figure is 30 million euros, which means that the pressure on Inter Milan to sell people has dropped significantly.

At the same time, the series between Inter Milan and Porto is not just about reputation, but a battle of money worth 20 million euros, so if Inter Milan can advance to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the number of people forced to cash in can be further reduced.
It is not even necessary to send away the main players immediately.

What needs to be clear is: Inter Milan still has not much money to operate in the next transfer window, but the management can make a more calm decision without the pressure to sell immediately.
Also something to keep in mind: the 275 million euro loan that Inter received from the Oaks has not been used up (due in May 2024), and there are still 130 million euros that have not yet been used.