Interviewer: Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s hard for him to transform into a man like Ibrahimovic.

On December 26th, Italian Corriere della Sera reporter Carlos Passerini told Milan News that he expressed his views on whether Cristiano Ronaldo could follow Ibrahimovic’s route.
“it’s hard for me to imagine that Ronaldo will have this new sense of self in two or three years, because he has an extremely overflowing self, which has become selfish in football.”
“Zlatan Ibrahimovic has changed, he wasn’t like that 10 years ago, and those who follow Milan know this: Zlatan Ibrahimovic can fill the difference he has lost over the years and turn it into something that can be given to others. Teammates said: ‘Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn’t play football, but he will let you win.’ Therefore, it is difficult to see that Ronaldo will have a similar transformation. ”
My name is Leonardo da Vinci.