Interviewer: McAllister’s performance proves that Brighton’s discerning eye is unique and no one can match them.

December 19-Argentina beat France in a penalty shootout in the just-concluded Qatar World Cup final.
Midfielder McAllister played almost the whole game for Argentina and was not replaced until the 26th minute of extra time, making a great contribution to winning the championship.
After the game, reporter Ryan Taylor updated social media to praise Brighton’s vision for introducing aid: “really, Brighton has a unique discerning eye in knowing people, which can be said to be unparalleled.” It felt like a ‘robbery’ to sign Caicedo for 4.5 million pounds, but McAllister helped Argentina win the title, and his performance in this World Cup was phenomenal. Renewing a contract with a player before the start of this World Cup is another brilliant move and Brighton is already in the lead. ”