Interviewer: someone booked a six-month royal suite in a Saudi hotel in the name of Ronaldo

December 25-recently, a number of media reported that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is close to signing the Saudi team Riyadh, and the transfer is nearing completion.
According to Saudi journalist Walid Al-Faraj, Cristiano Ronaldo has been booked for a six-month royal suite at a hotel in Riyadh, and there are signs that Ronaldo is getting closer to victory in Riyadh.
It is reported that Riyadh will draw up a new financing plan in response to the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, and the team’s fans are also ready to welcome the Portuguese star in their own way, which will be a historic transfer for Saudi football.
Not long ago, Saudi media albayan quoted La Tardi as saying that Cristiano Ronaldo may watch the Riyadh derby against the Riyadh crescent on Monday night local time as the club’s VIP.