Invantino: everyone really embraced the World Cup and football unites the whole world.

December 20-the 2022 Qatar World Cup has quietly pulled down the curtain. A few days ago, FIFA President Invantino made an overall review of the World Cup in an interview.
About the group stage of this World Cup
Invantino said: “the level of competition shown by each team is very high, and for the first time in history, teams from all continents have reached the knockout stage.” So we see that football is really going global. ”
Thanks to the host country Qatar
“Qatar welcomes people from all over the world to this beautiful country, and what they have done is incredible and everyone feels at home.”
Football unites the world, and for the first time in the history of the modern World Cup, the fans of all teams live in the same city.
“for all the fans, whether they are watching the World Cup in Qatar or at home, I think everyone around the world has really embraced the World Cup. We have seen how football binds the whole world together. Fans from 32 countries around the world and all over the world gathered together peacefully and happily. ”
Football has a positive impact on the whole society, and the World Cup covers more than 5 billion spectators around the world.
“off the pitch, we use the power of football and the influence of the World Cup to eliminate discrimination, promote sustainable development, and encourage people to be more active in ensuring that our children are protected. and ensure that they all have access to a good education.”