Invantino: FIFA earns $7.5 billion during the Qatar World Cup cycle

December 16 FIFA President Invantino attended the press conference and answered questions on related topics.
After calling the World Cup in Russia “the best ever” four years ago, Invantino called the Qatar World Cup “the best ever”.
Invantino confirmed that FIFA earned $7.5 billion in the four-year World Cup cycle, an increase of $1 billion over the previous cycle, most of which came from the Men’s World Cup. He also said FIFA predicted that FIFA’s revenue would soar from US $7.5 billion to US $11 billion during the next four-year World Cup.
Invantino said that the concept of the “FIFI World Series” is being created and that in a few years, four teams from different continents will play friendly matches on the international match day in March.
FIFA plans to host the New World Club Cup in 2025, which was originally planned to be held in China in 2021, but was cancelled because of the epidemic. The last World Cup of seven teams will be held in Morocco in February next year.
In addition, the Women’s World Club Cup is also under way, but no more details have been released.