Invantino: will there be 16 groups of three teams or 12 groups of four teams in the future World Cup? We still need to consider

December 17 in the previous press conference, FIFA President Invantino answered some of the reporter’s related topics.
What will be the grouping situation of the World Cup in the future?
“We have been approving the form of 48 teams, of which 16 groups and three teams, the top two will go to the knockout stage. But after the success of the World Cup and the group of four teams, as well as some other games, such as the European Cup, they are absolutely incredible, so we have to re-examine or re-discuss the way. This is what we need to consider, whether there are three teams in each group of 16 or four teams in each group of 12. ”
Can the World Cup change the way people think about the Middle East?
“I think this question should be asked by those who come to watch the game. No other event can welcome so many visitors at the same time as the World Cup. These memories of this year will remain with us. It is FIFA’s mission and ambition to organize the World Cup in new countries. Next, we want to go to the Southern Hemisphere and Australia to host the World Cup. ”
About the European Super League
“the pyramid ecosystem is the foundation of football, which must also be reflected in the relevant laws of European football. I know that every organization wants to maximize its own interests and we have been promoting the continuous improvement of football. There are too many games in some parts of the world and too few in others. It can be said that the only football organization in the world that distributes income equally is FIFA, and we will have to support the development of football around the world. ”
On the arrangement of the Club World Cup and the opposition from the outside world
“I don’t know exactly what the so-called opposition says. But we have made a decision and are talking about a Club World Cup with 32 clubs, once every four years. The first session will be held in the summer of 2025, which used to belong to the Confederations Cup. The best teams from all over the world will take part in the game, and more details will be decided in the coming weeks. We had planned to hold the first one in 2021, but that didn’t happen in the end because the Copa America and the European Cup were delayed by a year and we gave time to them. Other football associations just postponed the game, but we just cancelled the game, obviously we are more concerned about the health of the players. ”
On the performance of Morocco and African Football in this World Cup
“Morocco did very well, they played very hard and the players were very talented. Legraji showed people how to play attractive and winnable football. I am also happy with the performance of other teams. Tunisia, Cameroon and Ghana all left the suspense of promotion to the final round, while Senegal made it to the knockout stage. The number of African teams will double in 2026 and we can expect more strong performance from African teams. ”
About the German team’s “One Love”
“FIFA has 211 member states, and each country has its own agenda. People have expressed a lot of views on this matter, and we must pay attention to all opinions and not discriminate against any kind of values. Billions of fans around the world have their own ideas, but on the football field they only want to see 90 or 120 minutes of wonderful games, not anything else, and we need to satisfy them. Off the field, people can express whatever they want. ”
The extra long stoppage time of this World Cup
“Yes, the stoppage time of this World Cup is longer than usual. A 90-minute game will produce a lot of pauses, so it also means that the net length of the game is not enough, and the extra long stoppage time is very effective for increasing the net time. There are not many red and yellow cards in this World Cup. I would like to praise the players for their fair play. ”
Host the World Cup during the season
“hosting the World Cup during the season has been a great success in all aspects. we have seen a lot of very intense games and a lot of exciting goals, thanks to the better physical condition of the players at this stage. the quality of this World Cup is obviously higher than usual.”
The number of spectators in this World Cup
“A total of 3.27 million fans came to watch the World Cup. I am glad to see teams from all continents qualify for the knockout stage, and I am also glad to have a female referee as the referee of the World Cup. This World Cup is a great success. There are two more games left. I hope everyone will stay focused until the end. ”