Isco has no ball to play, Aspen recommends: You can try the Chinese Super League or J-League

February 02 News Due to changes at the last minute of the transfer window, the 31-year-old Spanish midfielder
Isco failed to join Berlin United and became a free agent with nowhere to go after the winter transfer window closed.

“Aspen” also analyzed Isco’s current possible destination. If the player does not want to have no ball to play in the next few months, he can first choose to join a club that still has registered places as a free agent;
There are no leagues with closed windows, such as the Turkish, Romanian, Swiss and Serbian leagues.

However, “Aspen” also mentioned a choice at the end: to go to an Asian league, such as “Chinese Super League or J League”.
“Aspen” stated: “Such a league may undoubtedly not be so attractive to Isco, who once played for Real Madrid, but if Isco does not want to have no ball to play, it is also a place to go.”