Italian media: Lazio and Mirin could not negotiate a contract extension, Arsenal and Juventus are ready to sign him this summer

February 2 According to the “Courier” report, both Arsenal and Juventus
Ready to sign Lazio midfielder Milinkovic this summer.

According to reports, Milinkovic tends not to complete the contract renewal with Lazio. The existing annual salaries of both parties will expire in 2024. Milinkovic has no intention of adding a liquidated damages clause (higher amount) to the renewal contract.
But it’s important for Lazio.

Now it seems that Lazio and Milinkovic cannot negotiate a contract extension.
If the contract extension is still not completed in the end, then Lazio is likely to put Milinkovic on the transfer list this summer, while Juventus and Arsenal are ready to sign him.

(Real Steel)