Italian sky: in addition to Somer, the Inter goalkeeper is targeting Neto and Rossi

December 21-according to Sky Sports Italia, Inter have begun to look for new goalkeeper targets, including Bournemouth’s Neto and Boca youth’s Augustine Rossi.
The contracts of two Inter goalkeepers Handanovic and Cordaz both expire next summer and Inter are already looking for new goalkeepers. Inter had set their sights on the Swiss goalkeeper Somer, but Bayern also sent an invitation to Somer after Neuer suffered a ski injury. In the face of competition from Bayern, Inter have begun to turn to other targets.
Italian Sky Sports revealed that Inter are currently looking for a new target for goalkeepers Neto and Augustine Rossi. The 33-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper Neto, who has played for Fiorentina, Juventus, Valencia and Barcelona in the past, joined Bournemouth this summer and made nine appearances this season. Augustine Rossi, 27, is an Argentine goalkeeper who has made 151 appearances for Boca Juniors.
Sky Sports Italia pointed out that the goalkeeper is just one of the problems facing Inter, which in fact has 14 players whose contracts or loans expire in June next year. At present, the top priority of the Inter management is to renew the contract with Shikriniar, while Damian is also expected to renew the contract with Inter for two years.
(Su Erhu)