Italian Sky: Lazio offered an annual salary of 5 million euros, but Milinkovich has not yet agreed to renew his contract.

According to Sky Sports of Italy, Lazio offered Milinkovic an annual salary of 5 million euros, but the players still did not agree to renew their contract.
Milinkovic has now returned to Lazio and played 45 minutes in Almeria’s warm-up match against Lazio. Milinkovic has not returned to 100% of his form, but he has shaken off the impact of the ankle injury that has plagued him.
Milinkovic’s contract with Lazio expires in June 2024 and Lazio want to renew his contract and offer him a huge new contract with an annual salary and bonus of 5 million euros. However, Sky Sports Italia revealed that the possibility of Milinkovich agreeing to renew his contract is still very low.
Milinkovic will not leave Lazio in January, but if Lazio do not persuade Milinkovich to renew his contract in June next year, Lazio will have to sell players at a lower asking price or risk letting players leave the team freely when their contracts expire.
(Su Erhu)