Italian Sky: Pogba and Vlahovic are still unable to participate, and the goal is to come back before February

January 17 News According to a report by Italian Sky Sports reporter Paolo Aghemo, although Bogba
Geba and Vlahovic have already participated in training, but the two have not been able to reach the game state for the time being. The club’s goal is to get them back before February.

Juventus officially released photos of Pogba and Vlahovic participating in the team training yesterday, but according to reports from Sky Sports Italia, these two important players are still unable to participate in Juventus’ Italian Cup against Monza and the Atlanta League, the club’s goal
It is for the two to come back before February.

As for the other wounded, the recovery of Cuadrado and De Sciglio is going well, and they will be the first players to come back, while Bonucci’s progress is relatively slow, and his comeback time has been postponed again.
Juventus are looking to rebuild after the loss to Napoli, with Allegri looking to have two key players in Pogba and Vlahovic ahead of the start of the Europa League in February.

In addition to the recovery of the wounded, the most important job for Juventus this month is the management reorganization. The interim general manager Scanavino will officially assume the position of CEO of the club.
The first hearing in the case has also been set for March 27.