Italian Sky: Preparing for the Milan Derby, Pioli tried 433 and five defenders new tactics in training

February 03 news The Serie A league will usher in the Milan Derby focus this weekend, according to Italian Sky Sports Milan
According to the report of team reporter Bayochini, Milan coach Pioli has prepared two new tactics in recent training.

The report mentioned that Pioli asked all unrelated people to leave the stadium before the training started, and he did not want the news to leak out. At the same time, yesterday’s training session lasted 40 minutes longer than usual, totaling more than 2 hours.
(Milan’s usual training time is 1 hour and 20 minutes or an hour and a half)

Pioli tried the 433 formation first in training, gave up a midfielder, and chose an inverted triangle position with three midfielders.
In the final training session, Pioli also tried a three-back defensive system, in which the two wingbacks Teo and Calabria were positioned very far back, almost as a five-back system.

The reason why Pioli tried new tactics is related to Milan’s poor start in 2023. The team has conceded 18 goals in the last 7 games, and the defensive end urgently needs to find new solutions.
Also tried different players, for example, Kjaer returned to the starting lineup again.

In addition, Milan also decided to add a closed training day before the Derby. The players will spend the night at the Milanello base on Saturday night, and then go directly to the San Siro Stadium the next day.