Jay Chou responded that there is no problem with the delay of the Malaysian fans’ concert, but you should ask the organizer

January 7th Regarding the dissatisfaction of Malaysian fans caused by his concert’s collision with the Southeast Asian Football Championship, Jay Chou himself passed
Personal social media responded.

Ticket sales for the semi-finals and finals of the Southeast Asian Football Championship were due to the stage construction of Jay Chou’s concert taking up 21,000 seats, resulting in only 59,000 tickets being sold for a venue that can accommodate 87,000 people. This also caused dissatisfaction among many Malaysian fans. Many fans even asked Jay Chou to cancel or
Delayed concert.

In this regard, Jay Chou himself responded: "Malaysian fans, I know how important you are to football. I can cooperate with the delay without any problem, but the point is that you should ask the Football Association or the venue organizer if they can let me delay. I am
No problem, as long as I can sing for my fans."

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