Jeddah United Coach: Our players played very well, limiting the performance of the world-class star Ronaldo

January 27, this morning, the semi-finals of the Saudi Super Cup, Riyadh won 1-3
Eliminated by Jeddah United, after the game, Jeddah United coach Nuno talked about Ronaldo.

At the post-match press conference, Jeddah United coach Nuno said: “We are facing a strong opponent. We cannot ignore the existence of players like Ronaldo. We must work with the players to develop tactics to defend. Our players are very good.
The performance of a world-class star like Ronaldo.”

In addition, he also said, “We were forced to make changes in the second half and strengthened the team. Football is like a boxing match, there is offense and defense, and a balance must be found between offense and defense.”