Jin Minzai was the best in the team in Frankfurt’s 6 statistics, contributing 7 clearances and 5 steals

February 22 In the first round of the UEFA Champions League 1/8 final in the early hours of this morning, Jin Minzai
Played the whole game and helped Naples beat Frankfurt 2-0 away.

According to Squawka statistics, Kim Min-jae touched the ball 148 times in this campaign, successfully passed the ball 125 times, won 12 fights, and was the best in the team in 6 statistics.

Jin Minzai vs. Frankfurt data:

Touches – 148 (most in the team)

Successful passes – 125 (the most in the team)

Scramble wins – 12 (most on the team)

Possessions won – 11 (tied for most)

Clearances – 7 (tied for most)

Successful tackles – 5 (most in the team)

Success rate of passing people – 100%

Aerial Grapple success rate – 100%