Jin Minzai’s overall statistics: 5 clearances, 3 blocks, 2 interceptions, 5 steals, 0 times, 8 points, third place in the game

January 14 News Early this morning, Naples scored 5-1 in Serie A
Great victory over Juventus, the following is the data of Jin Minzai’s game.

In this campaign, Jin Minzai started and played for 90 minutes, contributed 5 clearances, 3 blocks, 2 interceptions and 5 tackles, and was passed 0 times.

Jin Minzai succeeded in all 5 ground confrontations, failed 1 air confrontation, and lost the ball 7 times.

In addition, the South Korean central defender had 96 touches, 74 passes and 69 successes, with a success rate of 93%. He sent 1 key pass, 5 long passes and 3 successes. SofaScore played the whole game for him after the game
The third score is 8.0 points, second only to Osmeen (8.6) and Kvarazhelia (9.0) who played well on the offensive end.

(Goblin Slayer)