Joan Ameni: to be ready for the game against Argentina, this is an opportunity to write history.

December 15-France beat Morocco 2-0 in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, reaching the finals for two consecutive World Cups. After the match, French midfielder Joan Armeni also told the team Daily about his feelings about promotion and his views on the game.
Did you expect it to be so difficult against Morocco before the game?
“this is the semi-final of the World Cup and every team has its moments of strength and weakness. We know we will play against a good team, but we have a game plan and we know that we may cause problems for them in our attack and counter-attack. That’s what we can do. ”
Did you deal with this situation well in the end?
“No, we don’t. We know that at some point they will be stronger than us. But this is the result of the game. We can keep the score and win the game. ”
Rabio and Jupamecano were absent from the game. Did you take any measures to prevent the virus from spreading?
“maybe we will be more careful, there is more alcohol on the table now, we want everyone to stay healthy in the next game, because this is the final and we want all our advantages to be shown.”
About Grizman.
“he is a very good player and he has shown all his qualities in this World Cup and we are happy for him.”
Mbappe’s performance tonight?
“I think he played very well, he turned a quiet game into a very good game and had a great impact on the team, but he is still at a very high level. He has helped us a lot on the pitch and we know he is a threat to the opponent. ”
How are you going to stop Messi in the World Cup final on Sunday?
“We have to defend well. We will have to show all our qualities. This is the World Cup final. Argentina has Lionel Messi, but they also have a lot of good players. We must be prepared and fully aware of the opportunity for us to write history. We’ll see. ”