Jones: After the World Cup, Rashford has become more mature, and he may be the best in the world in his current state

February 27th, the League Cup final, Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle, Manchester United defender Jones
Talked about teammate Rashford on the show before the game.

He said: “I think Rashford is very mature now, you know, he came back from the World Cup, maybe he didn’t start as many games as people hoped, but he was very involved in the game, he was sharper and stronger,
You can see that in what he’s been doing this season. He’s an opportunity finder and I think it’s tough for defenders to play against him and you know he can do it.”

“He can score goals outside the box and in the box, he’s had a couple of headers lately, so he’s been very active in the game. He’s probably reached heights that he hasn’t seen before, but maybe he didn’t think about it before, you know he
Always smart and with the form he’s in, he’s probably the best player in the world right now.”

Has his physical fitness changed in any way?
Jones: “Yes, you can see his fitness. Yes, he’s getting stronger, the relationship with him at the club is good at the moment, what people don’t see is what Rashford puts into training.