Jr. Inzaghi: Defeating Naples is good for us to build up confidence. Dzeko and ampcha 20 all played well

January 5 News Inter Milan beat Naples 1-0 in this round of the league and won a key victory.
After the game, Inter Milan coach Inzaghi Jr. accepted media interviews.

Talking about Dzeko’s performance, Inzaghi Jr. said: "Dzeko played very well. We have worked together in Inter Milan for more than a year. He has technology, strength, and many other excellent qualities."

"Obviously, Napoli haven’t lost before and are the only club in European football that hasn’t lost in the league. Beating them helps us gain confidence and I’m proud of what our lads are doing, they’re supporting each other on the pitch, watching them
Playing football is a treat and we put on a great show for the fans."

"After such a long break, there will be some unknowns for each team, but I have no doubt that we have trained very well since December 2. For this game, there are
Some different moments. We went deep late in the first half and let the other side have the ball, but in reality, we could have scored three goals in the first half and we stayed focused for 95 minutes."

"We prepared the game in the best possible way, which is quite an achievement. Because we can beat Naples now, it will give us a lot of confidence going forward. In the last 10 league games, we have won 9 games,
Only lost to Juventus and qualified from a tough Champions League group."

"We dropped a lot of points at the beginning of the season but it’s been a long season and we have a long way to go, we have to play field by field, keep improving and try to get everyone back fit. We all miss Brozovic,
Hope he can come back as soon as possible, because all the teams are facing the same situation, they have to play a game every two or three days. After such a long break, this is a new start for everyone, we will see
Let’s see how things go. Napoli lost their first game in six months and we will be ready for the weekend."

In the end, Inzaghi Jr. praised Calhanoglu’s performance in the middle of the midfield: "Calhanoglu played very well. He followed Lobotka closely and blocked Osimhen. We
I’ve been working with Calhanoglu and he’s done a pretty good job."

(Lin Yuan)