Jump from 16th place in the middle crown to level 3 in 3 years! This is the process of Wuhan’s three towns drawing aid against the trend to win the championship.

He won the 16th place in the China Championship League in 2018, but he was lucky to get a replacement place to enter China B and qualified to play in the professional league.
In the following three years from 2020 to 2022, they won three championships in a row and won the league title as a promoted horse along the way. perhaps even gamers could not achieve such incredible results.
01. A youth training cooperation project: bring out a professional team
a. It all started with a youth training cooperation project.
Almost nine years ago, Wuhan launched a “Wuhan Football Youth training Program”. At that time, due to lack of funds, the Wuhan Football Association needed to find a partner.
Investors in Wuhan Shangwen Real Estate are very interested in football, so they have the “Pei Xing Plan”. On January 22, 2014, Wuhan Football Association started the project in cooperation with Shangwen Sports.
Since 2015, Shangwen Sports, which has invested 20 million yuan, has worked with Wuhan Football Association and Spain’s NAMA Sports Management Company to send outstanding young people they have trained overseas for exercise.
On May 18, 2017, Wuhan Shangwen Football Club was officially established, which, according to the party concerned, is “to enable children who return to China to have a team that can play football.”
b. In the first year, he won the 16th place in the championship: lucky to make up for China B.
In 2018, the team appeared in the Championship for the first time, which is also the fourth level league of Chinese football, but it is still an amateur league and has not entered the professional ranks.
The young team finally ranked 16th in the championship league, but it was also because some Chinese B teams withdrew at the beginning of 2019, and the league expanded from 28 teams to the last 32, which also made them lucky to have supplementary qualifications. to be able to officially enter the Chinese professional football stage.
At the end of 2018, the team responded to the call of the Chinese Football Association by using the neutral name of the three towns of Wuhan (usually Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang).
In the 2019 season, under the leadership of Alberto, the former youth foreign teacher, the team once ranked first in the South District of Central B, but this young team finally ranked sixth with 14 wins, 10 draws and 6 losses, and missed the play-offs.
02. 3-year 3-level jump: strengthen the lineup against the trend in 2020
A. strengthen against the trend in 2020: win the championship of Chinese League B that year.
The results of the professional league in the first year were mediocre, and everyone thought it was normal at that time, because the team’s original goal was to “go to China An in 3 years and China Super League in 5 years”.
Unexpectedly, there was a magical scene of three consecutive championships for three years and a full round in China B. In addition to the team’s own high level of management, but also with the Chinese Super League Jinyuan football after the ebb, the overall strength has a lot to do with the plunge.
Since the 2020 season, many teams have had to cut their lineup because of a shortage of funds. The three towns of Wuhan against the current have greatly improved the combat effectiveness of the team by bringing a wave of Hubei players back to their hometown, such as Deng Zhuoxiang, Zhou Liao, Nie Aoshuang, Xiong Fei and so on.
With an obvious advantage in the Chinese and second League, they beat Beijing Institute of Technology 2-1 in the knockout round of promotion and won the place in the first division. Then, in the championship and runner-up final, he beat Zibo Cuju 6-5 on penalties to become the China B champion in the 2020 season.
b. After tasting the sweetness: buy 19 domestic and foreign aid and go straight to the Chinese Super League
After winning the China B championship and entering the China A platform, the three towns of Wuhan also left the original Tazihu Stadium and took Hankou Culture and Sports Center as their home field.
At first, the way for the team to attract fans to watch the game was pure free tickets. after entering the Chinese League one, the team also began to sell tickets to the fans.
With more strength, in the 2021 season Wuhan three towns is crazy to introduce 19 domestic and foreign aid, so that the team’s combat effectiveness to a big level.
If you look at the names of the internal aids of the team, you will know how obvious the improvement of the strength of the team is. The arrival of famous Chinese Super League players such as Ren Hang, Liu Yiming, Rong Hao, Geng Xiaofeng, Zhang Xiaobin, Rosenwen, Yang Kuo and Yin Yaji have made them have obvious advantages on the Chinese League one platform where their strength is generally declining.
The team got off to a mediocre start, ranked fourth after the first 10 rounds, and once slipped in the second stage. Alberto, the coach who started with youth training, has been unable to meet the needs of the team.
So Pedro, the technical director, was turned regular and the team ushered in an all-round upgrade. What’s more, it beat the Shanghai seaport, poached Malkang, the former K-League golden boot from the Super League and Hebei team. The team completed a terrifying 14-game winning streak from the 17th round to the 30th round, promoted the Chinese Super League two rounds ahead of schedule, and successfully won the Chinese League one championship that year.
03. Simplified version of Guangzhou Evergrande? With Wuhan youth training resources, it will have more advantages in the future.
A. continue to strengthen the lineup in 2022: bid king Stancho is the key.
Although before the start of the 2022 season, the team’s management said that they wanted to “live”. However, they once again made great efforts to introduce 3 foreign aid and 9 domestic aid in the winter window, and some people already feel that the three towns of Wuhan are the most likely to win the championship.
4 million euros to win the super bid king, Romanian international Stan Qiu, may not be worth mentioning before, but at this point in the Chinese Super League, it is obviously a big deal.
It is worth mentioning that of the nine internal aids in the three towns of Wuhan, five are from the Guangzhou team. Gao Junyi, he Chao, Liu Dianzi, Deng Hanwen and Liu Yiming were all introduced and trained by Guangzhou Evergrande a few years ago.
Therefore, some people will joke that this is a simplified version of Evergrande model.
In the same way as Guangzhou Evergrande succeeded in that year, the large investment (compared with other teams) and the accurate vision of attracting aid have laid an advantage for the three towns of Wuhan.
No. 1 and No. 4 on the shooter list are the foreign aid they bought in the past year and a half.
Among the top four in the list of assists, there are 3 people from the three towns of Wuhan, all of whom are strong aids to join the team this season.
Although it is obvious that the three towns of Wuhan rely on the individual ability of foreign aid, which has led to the decline of the team’s performance after Stan Qiu returned to the national team, they do have the ability to be king in the league.
b. Sitting on Wuhan Youth training Resources: the future growth space is worth looking forward to
Wuhan has always been the center of Chinese football, and Hubei’s youth training resources are very good. It took more than 8 years for the three towns of Wuhan to improve the echelon system of youth training at 10 levels, which has the potential for further development in the future.
18-year-old Liu Shaoziyang, who moved to Bayern Munich, is a leader in youth training in the three towns of Wuhan.
In the process of the rapid strengthening of the team, it is true that a large number of new aids have been introduced, which has compressed the growth space of the young people of the team. However, I believe that as their combat effectiveness gradually stabilizes, there will be more opportunities for training.
After all, the proportion of Wuhan children in the youth training echelon is quite high, which will also give Wuhan three towns more sense of identity and heritage. After all, the army team will also have better cohesion and motivation for long-term development.
This time, in addition to winning the championship in the three towns of Wuhan, the Wuhan Chegujiang women’s football team also won the championship four rounds ahead of schedule to welcome three consecutive championships.
Since Chinese football became professional in 1994, nine cities have won championships. After the professionalization of the women’s football team in 1997, seven cities reached the top. However, for the first time in history, there is a double crown in one city, winning the grand occasion of men’s and women’s football, which will also be the pride of Wuhan football.
The success of the three towns in Wuhan shows that the construction of youth training and the investment of the first team are the two key reasons for the success.
Will they be the next force to go against the trend and lead to the revival of the Chinese Super League? Maybe the team’s results will give us more answers in the AFC Champions League next season.