Juninho Jr.: The Riyadh coach will not object to any decision of Ronaldo, and will even make breakfast for him

January 5th, the legendary Lyon star Juninho Jr. was in 2019-2022
During this period, he served as the sports director of the Lyon club, and during the period from 2019 to 2021, Lyon’s coach at the time was the current coach Rudy Garcia of Riyadh Victory.
In an interview with "Maisfutebol" a few days ago, Juninho talked about Ronaldo’s victory in joining Riyadh and some doubts about Garcia.
Junior Juninho believes that Garcia will not oppose any decision of Ronaldo, and he will make breakfast for Ronaldo if necessary.

Junior Juninho said: "Before discussing this person (Rudy Garcia), I really thought about it seriously, because just saying his name makes me feel very uncomfortable. I appreciate and respect C
Luo, so I still want to talk about this topic."

"I had a really bad experience working with Garcia, probably the worst person I’ve ever had in my entire football career. He doesn’t understand coaching at all, he’s afraid to order other people. He only respects those who have power.
, in order to benefit from them."

"He must not dare to oppose any decision of Ronaldo. If necessary, he will even cook breakfast for Ronaldo. He will try to be a good friend of Ronaldo and get close to him. He will try everything
There are ways to achieve this goal. His dream is to become Ronaldo’s friend."

"For Garcia, the success of the team and the harmony of the dressing room are not important. He just wants to be the center of attention, and it doesn’t matter if the team is in crisis.
He is one of the greatest players in world football, he is a legend and Garcia knows it all too well."

"Garcia’s favorite thing is the press conference. Every time he holds a press conference, he will be happy like a Christmas child. Every time he will ask me if I have seen his speech at the press conference. He
He likes to attract the attention of the media. Some of his actions will make people feel very confused."