Juventus player social media collection: 7 consecutive victories, it is always difficult to start again, but the victory is a good start for the new year

January 5th in this round of Serie A, with Milik’s free kick to score
, Juventus beat Cremonese 1-0.
After the game, the Juventus players posted news on social media, and the content was very consistent.

The content is as follows:

Milik: A goal and a victory, a good start, come on Juventus!

Facioli: A great victory!

Kostic: Now we have won 7 consecutive victories!

Gatti: Let’s pick up where we left off, a win worth three points, come on Juventus #Vikings

Bonucci: This is the best way to start the new year.

Szczesny: A good start to the new year.

Miretti: This is a great victory for the team.

Bremer: Restarting is always very difficult, come on Juventus!

Danilo: It is very important to start the new year in this way with all three points and zero seals!

Paredes: We’re off to a good start for 2023!

Pinsolio: Start the new year with a win.

After defeating Cremonese, Juventus has won 7 consecutive victories in Serie A, including 1-0 wins in 4 away games.

The specific achievements are as follows:

Torino 0-1 Juventus

Juventus 4-0 Empoli

Lecce 0-1 Juventus

Juventus 2-0 Inter Milan

Verona 0-1 Juventus

Juventus 3-0 Lazio

Cremonese 0-1 Juventus

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