Kahn criticizes Bayern before and after the World Cup as two different teams, Nashuai: I don’t see a different team

January 30th, Bayern suffered a league match after a 1-1 draw with Frankfurt at home on Saturday
With three consecutive draws, Kahn criticized the team’s current performance after the game as if it were two teams before the World Cup, but coach Nagelsmann had a different view.

Kahn sounded the alarm about the team’s performance after the game: “Obviously there are two teams: the team before the World Cup and the team after the World Cup. We will now dispassionately analyze why our horsepower
Insufficient, and then it will come out of this trough again.”

Asked about Kahn’s claim, Nagelsmann publicly retorted: “I don’t see two different teams now. We have some elements of the current game in good stages.

However, Nagelsmann agrees with Kahn when it comes to the team’s fewer chances to score goals. They mentioned Bayern’s same consecutive winless stage in September last year for comparison (there were four games at the time).

Kahn: “The difference between the situation now and the autumn is very obvious. At that time we had an incredible number of scoring opportunities, but we just didn’t score. But this is not the case now. We don’t have one goal after another.
In the second half at Eintracht Frankfurt we hardly had a chance to score a second goal.”

Nagelsmann’s comment on this is: “If the team does not have enough opportunities, of course it will never be a good thing. But I am already trying to explain where the sticking point is.”

After the draw with Frankfurt, Nagelsmann said that the team currently lacks confidence after three consecutive draws: “If you don’t win, the confidence you have is not the same as when you win.
Yes. In terms of the content of the game, there are a lot of things we can do better, and we will discuss that.”

After 18 rounds of the Bundesliga, Bayern still lead the standings, but three consecutive New Year’s draws have reduced their lead from five points to one.
In the early hours of Thursday, , Bayern will play away against Mainz in the German Cup.

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