Kahn: Neuer’s remarks do not conform to his identity and Bayern’s values, we will have a good talk with him

February 4th Bayern goalkeeper Neuer was interviewed by TA and Süddeutsche Zeitung
, Talking about the dismissal of goalkeeper coach Tapalovich, Neuer expressed his dissatisfaction with Bayern between words, and Kahn criticized his remarks.

According to the German media “Bild”, Neuer’s remarks in the interview caught Bayern executives by surprise. This interview was not authorized by the club. Neuer will be punished for this, at least a fine.

Regarding Neuer’s remarks, Kahn said: “Some of Neuer’s remarks about Tapalovic’s termination in these two interviews are neither in line with his status as captain, nor in line with Bayern’s values! In addition
, His remarks came at an inopportune time, because we still have very important games to play.

He was personally affected, and we have to understand that to an extent.
We also realized that when we explained the decision to him – it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the best decision for our team at the time.

I also encountered a similar situation in the national team in 2004.
Our goalkeeping coach Meyer felt he had been roughed up by the DFB and they parted ways.
Meyer and I have worked together for many years and our relationship is friendly and trusting.

I was also disappointed at the time, I was angry with the DFB.
But for me, shared goals are the most important thing, they are more important than my personal feelings, which is why I decided not to speak publicly at the time.
Neuer has now done the opposite and we will be very clear about that with him.