Kane: I am in good form, I hope I can end this season strongly

January 5 News on January 5th, in the 19th round of the Premier League this season, Kane scored alone
Two dollars, helping Tottenham beat Crystal Palace 4-0 away, he said in an interview after the game: I am in good shape, and I hope I can end this season strongly.

About this game

I think we started the game well, but in the first half we lacked good scoring chances and in the second half we were more creative and calm and that allowed us to score.
Today’s three-point away game is very important, and we must maintain this momentum in future games.

About my two goals

The assist from Perisic for the first goal was good, the second goal was something I practiced a lot.

On scoring more goals in his first 300 Premier League games than Alan Shearer (first 300)

It always feels good when people talk about you with a player like Alan Shearer.
I’ve got to keep going, I feel like I’m in shape, I’m healthy and hopefully I can finish the season strong.

About Son Heung-Min

I’m really happy for him, he’s been working so hard.
Sometimes you need a little bit of luck to find your own rhythm. I hope (Son Xingmin’s goal in today’s game) will give him the confidence to play well in the following games.