Kane ranks first in the Premier League in terms of goals and assists! Mourinho: He has arranged offense, organization and defense!

Excellent Live March 12th Kane scored again and scored twice. In the just-concluded Europa League quarter-final match, Tottenham 2-0 Zagreb
Dynamo, Kane scored twice in this game to help the team win, and this is Kane scoring twice in two consecutive games.
After the game, Kane’s goals also rose to 26, and he became the player with the most goals in all competitions in the Premier League.
Of course, in addition to scoring goals, Kane’s 16 assists are also the highest among Premier League players, and Mourinho also praised Kane after the game.

This season, Kane has scored 26 goals and assisted 16 times in all competitions, both of which are the highest among Premier League players.
In terms of goals, Liverpool’s Salah scored the most goals in all competitions in the Premier League before. He scored 25 goals in all competitions this season. After this game, Kane’s goals have surpassed Salah’s.
In terms of assists, Kane has 16 assists in all competitions this season and tied for first place with De Bruyne.
Of course, if you only count the Premier League, Kane scored 16 goals, which is only 1 goal less than the number one Salah. In terms of assists, Kane assisted 13 times, leading the second De Bruyne by 2 times.
En is expected to win the Premier League Golden Boot and top scorer at the same time.

Of course, Kane’s performance is not only reflected in goals and assists. After the game, Mourinho praised Kane: “Kane has done everything, he has completed all the tasks he can complete, he
Involved in creating space and connecting teams, he also scored goals. At the same time, he did a defensive job that few strikers do, he made a lot of clearances from crosses and corner kicks. Vinicius
It’s brilliant, I’m happy with him, but when Kane is on the pitch, everything is different.”

I have to say that Mourinho really loves Kane, but in fact it is true.
This season, Kane can not only score goals, but also pass the ball, and Kane’s performance on the defensive end is also very good. Kane has cleared 32 times in the Premier League this season, which is the highest among all forwards.
What does the high clearance data mean? Because clearances are only counted in one’s own penalty area, this shows that Kane often returns to his own penalty area.
Others are B2B midfielders, but Kane is a B2B forward.

I have to say that Kane’s performance is really outstanding. There is no coach who doesn’t like Kane like this, and Mourinho is no exception.
And Kane performed so well, I believe all Tottenham fans are very happy.
It’s just that Mourinho really needs to think about it now, what to do if Kane can’t play in the team, after all, Kane is too important to the team.
Once there is no Kane, the team’s performance will drop at least a notch, and it will be difficult for Tottenham to win without him!