Kepa: Everything is not good for us now, and everyone should be united in bad times

February 19 In the 24th round of the Premier League that ended before, Chelsea 0-1 at home
Losing to Southampton, they have lost 5 games in all competitions.
After the game, Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa accepted an interview on the club’s official website and talked about his feelings.

Kepa said: “Everything is against us now, we are in a bad moment and we have to be together.”

“We have a big squad with a lot of players and quality, but things are not going well right now. But it’s not because we changed five or six players or one player, it’s a more general problem that we’re not doing well.
, it’s clear we have to improve.”

“This is the time to stick together and it’s time to keep working hard, working. We need to get through this together.”