Kicker: Nobel is still the first choice for Bayern goalkeeper in the second half. Mazrawi is expected to return to the team on January 3.

December 22 Bayern are looking for a main goalkeeper for the second half of the season, the German media “kicker” said that Nobel is still the first choice, and Bayern also hope that this issue can be concluded as soon as possible.
The report said that Bayern hoped to clarify and end the process of finding a goalkeeper as soon as possible, but the problem was not easy: on the question of whether Nubel returned early, although he was a Bayern player, Bayern did not take the initiative, that is, they could not determine the speed and outcome of the negotiations.
Nubel’s loan deal with Monaco does not end until next summer, while the French team belongs to the investors’ club and they need to have a lot of talks on whether to let Noubel go. Especially if Nubel left early, they had to find a replacement and pay for it.
This means that Bayern will have to pay for the recall of Nubel. It is reported that Monaco is actually very satisfied with Nubel and intends to sign him permanently, but their attempt to buy out a few weeks ago has been rejected by Bayern.
Another thing to be clear is whether Nubel can imagine working under goalkeeper coach Tapanovic, who is also a good friend of Neuer. However, Bayern is optimistic about this issue, as Nubel has not publicly expressed his opposition to the cooperation between the two men, and only his agent has spoken before. So Bayern hope and believe that this problem can be solved.
Munich goalkeeper Somer is also considered an intended target for Bayern Munich and his contract ends next summer. The kicker said Bayern would make a list of replacements, including Somer, only if the recall of Nubell failed.
As for Moroccan defender Mazrawi, who fell ill during the World Cup, the kicker says he will be fit when Bayern start training on January 3 and will not face a long truce.
The “footballer” article also introduces Bayern’s plans for the winter break: after starting training on January 3, the team will go to Doha for a training camp on January 6 and return on the 12th, with a warm-up match against Salzburg Red Bull during the day.