Kirk: Spain has a bright future. I must congratulate my Argentine teammates on winning the championship.

December 25-Atletico Madrid midfielder Cork recently accepted an exclusive interview with as newspaper, he talked about his Atletico Madrid career and Spain’s performance in the World Cup.
Have you ever thought of becoming the player with the most appearances in the history of Atletico Madrid?
I didn’t think about it. I didn’t even think I could wear an Atletico jersey. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of. It is incredible to be able to surpass Adrado (Atletico Madrid star) in the number of appearances. I hope someone will surpass my record one day, but I will make it more difficult.
What do you think of your achievements so far?
To be honest, I don’t think about it. I never think about what I’ve done. When I end my career one day, I will think calmly. I will move on, for better or worse, and I try to focus on what is about to happen, not on what I have already done. Then I will think about what I have achieved at the club, but for now, I will only think about what else I can achieve.
Is it a failure to be out of the group stage of the Champions League?
The word failure is too heavy, we have great players, but did not achieve the goal of the club. We were angry and we didn’t do it. But this is football and we have to learn from it so that we can play in the Champions League next season and then it won’t happen again.
Simone stay on the team? Rumor has it that Enrique is coaching Atletico Madrid?
The only thing I can see now is that our coach has a contract until 2024 and I have heard that he may renew his contract. In football, anything can happen. Coach Simone still has a contract with the team. Let’s see what happens next. As for Enrique, it’s not up to me whether he comes to Atletico Madrid. Senior management will decide whether coach Simone will stay with the team. The coach himself can express other words.
Your World Cup experience
I would say it’s good because I’ve played in the World Cup three times and it’s something that will be with you for the rest of your life. Playing in the World Cup at this point in winter is very different, but we got used to it in the best way. We haven’t been able to achieve our goal of winning the championship, but we have to think about some positive things: we have a good team and Spain has a bright future. We let a lot of people integrate into our team bit by bit, and there are a lot of people supporting the national team, and we really need that support. The Spanish players are excellent, but you also have to be lucky, which is important to compete with other high-level teams. We also reached the semi-finals in the European Cup and lost the penalty shootout in the World Cup, but we had a wonderful game. Now that the team has a new choice, I think the new coach will use some nuances to carry out his ideas to the end and do his own thing well. There are a lot of great players in Spain and I believe they can accomplish great things.
Three Atletico Madrid players won the World Cup
We are very proud to have these players and we must congratulate the Argentines, especially my three teammates, which cannot be replicated. The only French teammate who is also likely to achieve this goal is Grizman, who played a wonderful game. Every Atletico Madrid player who takes part in the World Cup must be proud to represent their country.
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