Klamaric: the goal comes home with a medal. I’m not sure this is Modric’s last contest.

December 16-Croatian striker Klamic attended a press conference before the match between Croatia and Morocco in the third or fourth place final of the World Cup in Qatar. He talked about himself and the team’s current situation.
Croatia won the third place in the 1998 World Cup
Klamic: “I still remember those days when Croatia won the third World Cup and brought joy to the whole country. It was indescribable.” Now we are in the same situation, a historic game awaits us and the question is whether we can do it again. We must take advantage of this opportunity to stay calm, energetic, focused and positive as much as possible. ”
About the match against Morocco
Klamic: “I am not surprised that they have come so far. After the first game of the World Cup, we felt what kind of team they were.” They are a tough team, well-organized defensively and have excellent personal abilities, and they will do their best for medals. We are aware of this and will give them the greatest respect. It will be a game that requires a lot of patience and we have seen how dangerous they are against France and at some point they may be surprising. ”
About the state of body
Klamic: “I’m fine. I’m not tired. In a way, I’m sorry there aren’t any more games.” I am full of motivation, it is not the end of the season, we are not so tired, at least personally, I can play another World Cup. ”
About the 2018 World Cup
Klamaric: “We went through some fantastic things. We cried, but we were also very happy.” This is the characteristic of the tournament, which you will remember for the rest of your life. As a winner and a loser, you feel different when you go home. Next is not a friendly match, our goal is to go home as winners with medals. ”
About Modric.
Klamic: “We all know how much praise Modric has received. We should thank him for what he has done for Croatian football and for what he has done for world football.” I know him, but I’m not sure this will be his last tournament. No one can resist the influence of age, including Modridge, but he will always be remembered. It is a great honor and pride to work with him and he makes football easier. ”
(Ma Dongyu)