Klopp: Ancelotti and I both think that Real Madrid has advanced, but not necessarily in 3 weeks

02, 22nd, , February 22nd, the UEFA Champions League 1/8 finals
In the first round, Liverpool was reversed by Real Madrid 2-5 at home. After the game, Klopp attended the press conference.

team performance

“Obviously the team conceded five goals and we could have done better. We started the game well and apart from the two conceded in the first half I think it was probably the best of the season.
As for the two goals conceded, the second one was not a defensive problem, it was a farce, it was the same as the second goal we scored. And the first goal we should have defended it, Vinicius
There were so many defenders around the shot and nobody had that big kick and then Vinicius did a world-class job and I think we could have defended better.”

“After halftime, the team’s mentality was very positive. We thought that we would play according to the rhythm of the first half, and the opponent must be difficult to parry. But we conceded the third goal shortly after the start of the second half, and that ball changed the situation on the field.
We lost momentum in that moment and never really got it back. We could have scored a third goal in the first half, but we were a bit unlucky. After that, the game went into the rhythm that Real Madrid wanted,
In the end they scored two more goals, one of which was a deflection into the net. To be honest their defense was not impenetrable but we conceded goals when we shouldn’t have, for a team like Real Madrid who have always counterattacked efficiently, casual
Losing the ball would be fatal.”

Ancelotti says Real Madrid haven’t qualified yet

“I think the game is over in his mind, and I think so at the moment, but not necessarily in three weeks. Sometimes it’s like that, the closer we get to the game, the better our chances seem to be. Tonight
You see the 2-5 result, you see the opponent’s sharp counterattack, you will think that it will be very difficult for us to go to Bona with 3 goals, but I will not think about such problems, what I want to say is that no matter what
It’s impossible, we’ll all try, and we’ll see the results.”

(I think Carlo thinks the tie is over – and I think it as well in the moment, but in three weeks… it’s how it is in these moments, the closer you get to the game the bigger our chances become and the
less likely it is the tie is over.)

Is Joe Gomez Injured?

“Not yet, he’s showing signs of injury, but we can’t say for sure yet, he’ll be tested tomorrow.”

Will you worry about the player’s confidence being frustrated?

“I see that some people do think that, understandably, but actually it shouldn’t be. I told the players directly after the game that it was the exact opposite of what we wanted. We made mistakes when we conceded the ball.
Wrong, but I also emphasize that if you don’t learn from the failure, then the failure is just a failure. We have to understand that we played well tonight, we played what we wanted, and the good part I hope for them in the future
It’s going to keep going, so if it affects that because of failure, then we made a stupid mistake.”

How much Real Madrid’s goal at the start of the second half affected the game

“The 3-2 scoreline had a huge impact on the game, the first and second goals weren’t that big of an impact, the first goal was conceded, I thought ok, the defense was a bit bad, but the overall performance was good.
Not bad. The second ball was a dramatic error, I thought we had to quickly forget about it and keep our game going. But the third ball came at the beginning of the second half and I admit we didn’t respond well. We
Don’t want to concede goals, if it’s just the first half, the impression must be that Liverpool played well, even if we conceded two goals. So today’s game was difficult but the players played well, it was not difficult to be positive in the first half
, but our players remained positive in the second half and for that I am very grateful to them.”