Klopp is only occasionally worried about the defense, but if he can’t defend Brighton well, he doesn’t have to go

January 9, Liverpool coach Klopp talked about the team’s defense in an interview

Klopp said: "I don’t worry about the defensive line all the time, but occasionally. No matter which style of play you choose, high pressure, deep retreat, looking at the ball or people, you have to occupy the defensive confrontation.
Upside. I say this a lot in the dressing room and I’ll say it again because our next game is Brighton and they play fantastic football, if we can’t defend there then we don’t go.

Liverpool have conceded 22 goals in 17 league games this season. Klopp said: "It seems that our defense is very open.
It’s difficult. The opponent is not constantly creating opportunities, but our own defensive position. If you choose the right one, you can win the ball back quickly, otherwise you can only pay extra runs to solve the problem.”

(old onion)