Kobe: Chelsea Football Club, Manchester United and Arsenal are interested in signing Felix in the winter window. Manchester United have asked Atletico Madrid.

December 28-Corbe Radio reported that Felix intends to leave Atletico Madrid in this winter window and three Premier League teams are closely linked with him.
There are obvious problems with the coexistence of the Portuguese and Simone, and as Kobe has reported in the past few hours, one of the obstacles to finding a way out for the player is to find a way to sell him, which will be a transfer with a buyout clause.
It is reported that three Premiership teams will be interested in signing Felix in this winter market: Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United, of which only the Red Devils directly asked Atletico Madrid more than a week ago. However, no team has made an offer for the Portuguese. It is clear that this will be one of the hottest transfers in the winter market and these three Premiership teams are the ones most interested in players.