Kroos celebrates his 33rd birthday, Real Madrid officially takes stock of player achievements and won 18 championships with the team

January 4th Today is Kroos’ 33rd birthday, Real Madrid officials also took stock of Kroos’ career in Real Madrid
some achievements.

After Kroos came to Real Madrid in 2014, this season is already the ninth season with the team.
He scored 26 goals in 384 games played on behalf of the team and won 18 championships with the team: 4 Champions League titles, 4 Club World Cup titles, 4 UEFA Super Cup titles, 3 La Liga titles
Champion, 3 Spanish Super Cup champions.
In addition, he also won the World Cup with the German team in 2014.

Kroos is also the German player with the most appearances in the history of Real Madrid. He scored 1 goal and 4 assists in 19 appearances this season.

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