La Liga: Real Sociedad draws, Real Madrid defeats Atletico Madrid

Espanyol vs Mallorca

The Spaniard defeated Elche 1-0 in the last round, ending three rounds of invincibility. Joselu was absent due to injury, and Melamed came off the bench to assist Dadell to score.

Mallorca repelled Villarreal 4-2 in the last round and won five consecutive victories at home. Rodriguez scored twice and Muric made a contribution with a pass.

In terms of confrontation track record, the Spaniard has 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses against Mallorca nearly 10 times.
The Asian index is currently maintained at the main handicap. The Espanyol has scored 27 goals in the league so far. The offensive strength is better than most teams in the lower half. Mallorca has lost 5 consecutive away games and failed to score six times in a row. The home and away performance
It’s like two teams.
The Spaniard conceded a tie and a half, the home team is more popular, and the away win is the first choice.

[Competition time]: 21:00, February 25

[Sports lottery recommendation]: win/loss: loss/win; score: 1-2, 2-1

[Home team injury]: Defender Pedrosa, midfielder Barre, Gori, forward Joselu

【Away Team Injuries】: None


Cadiz vs Vallecano

Cadiz lost 0-2 to Barcelona in the last round and swallowed a three-game losing streak in the away game. Their two goals were disallowed, and Lozano hit the goal frame at the last moment.

Vallecano drew 1-1 with Sevilla in the last round, unbeaten in four rounds of the league, Lejon equalized the score, and Alvaro missed an excellent scoring opportunity in stoppage time.

In terms of confrontation track record, Cadiz has 2 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses against Vallecano in the past 10 times.
The Asian index is currently tied with an away handicap. Cadiz is unbeaten in 8 rounds at home, and kept zero seals four times during the period. The defense is very solid. Vallecano is also doing well recently, currently ranking sixth, and his offensive firepower is comparable to that of Real Sociedad and Madrid.
Cadiz is very tough at home, and it is currently unable to make it to a tie. We are optimistic about Vallecano’s victory.

[Competition time]: 23:15, February 25

[Football Lottery Recommendation]: win, draw, loss: negative; score: 1-2, 0-1

[Home team injury]: Defender Carla, Chuster, midfielder Mali, forward Negredo, Guardiola

【Away Team Injuries】: None


Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid beat Osasuna 2-0 in the round and won two consecutive victories in the league. They defeated Liverpool 5-2 in the UEFA Champions League in the middle of the week. Benzema contributed two shots and one pass.

Atlético de Madrid defeated Bilbao 1-0 in the last round. They were unbeaten in six rounds of the league. DePaul retired from injury early. Depay assisted Griezmann to score with a low shot.

In terms of confrontation track record, Real Madrid has 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses against Atletico Madrid nearly 10 times.
The Asian index is currently at half-one, and Real Madrid temporarily ranks second in the standings. They mainly lose points on weak teams.
Joan Ameni returns to the roster and is expected to join hands with Cross to start.
The index rose to the main handicap, and Real Madrid received strong support from the organization, and they were optimistic about the main victory.

[Competition time]: 01:30, February 26

[Sports lottery recommendation]: Winning draw: Winning; Score: 2-1, 2-0

[Home team injury]: Defender Mendy, Alaba, forward Rodrigo

[Away team injury]: Midfielder DePaul, Kondogbia


Valencia vs Real Sociedad

Valencia lost 0-1 to Getafe in the last round and suffered a five-game losing streak in the league. After the coaching change, the team’s performance was even worse.

Real Sociedad drew 1-1 with Celta Vigo in the last round to avoid a losing streak at home. Kenhide Kubo assisted Oyazabal to score, and Normand scored an own goal.

In terms of confrontation track record, Valencia has 3 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss against Real Sociedad nearly 10 times.
The Asian index has now risen to an away handicap. Valencia fell to the penultimate place. The relegation situation is grim. The team can’t see signs of rebound. The Real Sociedad league has better away results.
It is expected to return to the starting lineup, and the midfield will send the strongest lineup.
Valencia is in a sluggish state, and Real Sociedad’s draw is shallow, and the draw is the first choice.

[Competition time]: 04:00, February 26

[Football Lottery Recommendation]: Win/Loss: Draw/Loss; Score: 1-1, 1-2

[Home team injury]: Midfielder Nico Gonzalez, striker Cavani

[Away team injury]: Defender Elustone, Gorosabel, Pacheco, midfielder David Silva, forward Sadiq