La Repubblica: Bogba has been granted permission by Juve to travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup final

December 17-according to the Republic, Bogba has been allowed to go to Qatar to watch the World Cup final.
It is reported that Bogba’s visit to Qatar to watch the final is a special request of French President Claude Macron, who wants Bogba to appear in the World Cup final. There were earlier reports that Juventus did not want Bogba to go to Qatar, but the latest situation is that Juve have denied this claim and allowed Bogba to go to the World Cup final.
Earlier, the French team hoped to allow the injured international who missed the World Cup to watch the final, a proposal supported by French President Jean-Claude Macron. Bogba himself is very interested and has expressed his views to the club and Juventus have allowed him to travel to Qatar by private jet. It is also reported that Bogba will return to Turin one day after watching the final.