Lamy: the final will be very stressful, but I hope France can win and don’t like the image of Paredes.

December 16-former French international Lamy recently talked about the upcoming World Cup final, and the Frenchman said there would be some pressure in the final.
“what do I think? There will be pressure on France, there will be a lot of pressure. I want to be able to express directly that I hope France can win, but I prefer to be modest and, above all, cautious. ”
Lamy said he did not appreciate the style of some players: “I don’t want to target players, such as Paredes.” I don’t like Paris players because I’m from Marseilles. Paris is not an enemy but an opponent. I don’t like the image of Paredes. I think we will win, with injuries and problems coming up, especially Lucas, there are too many things happening to us. These players are trying to burst into energy. ”
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