Laporta talks about European Super League: the Bosman Act defends players, and this ruling will defend the club.

December 22-Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus seem determined to stick to their European Premier League ambitions. Although sports management company A22 has taken over the organization of the competition, the three clubs are the main drivers of the project. The next major development will be the ruling of the European Court of Justice, which will determine whether Uefa monopolizes the market and whether Uefa can impose sanctions on clubs participating in both the Premier League and the Champions League.
The Premier League was hit last week when the Attorney General recommended a ruling allowing Uefa to impose sanctions on clubs that tried to withdraw from the league.
At the Christmas dinner in Barcelona, President Laporta told Marca that the decision of the European Court of Justice would be a watershed. “as far as European football is concerned, the comments of the European Court of Justice on the Premier League will be very important. We hope to improve competition and reform the governance model. This will mean the history and development of European football, the Bosman Act is a boost for players, and this time it will be a boost for the club, which will have a result next spring. ”
In 1995, Jean-Mark Bosman took his club to court and won the case, allowing players to become free agents and give them more power to decide who to play for.
Even if the European Court of Justice does give the Premier League a favorable ruling, their trouble will be to persuade other clubs to leave Uefa. The current situation is suitable for English teams because it steadily widens the gap between them and other clubs in Europe. If there were no Premier League teams, the value of the Premier League would be greatly reduced.