Laporta’s first signing announced after taking office? It was revealed that Barcelona has officially made an offer for the Manchester City superstar! Messi may stay in the team for him

Excellent live broadcast, March 11 After Laporta resumed his position as the chairman of the Barcelona club, what new aid he can bring to the team this summer is undoubtedly the concern of many fans.
On March 10th, , according to exclusive news from the authoritative Argentine media TYC, Barcelona has submitted a formal contract offer to Aguero, and the Manchester City superstar is expected to join for free in June.

It is reported that Aguero is a player hand-picked by Laporta. Before he took office, he proposed a plan to introduce Aguero.
Barcelona’s new chairman believes that signing Aguero may be a key operation to keep Messi.
As we all know, Aguero himself has established an unbreakable close friend relationship with Messi. The two have been friends who have fought side by side for many years in the Argentine national team.
And if Barcelona really introduces their friends this summer, it will definitely make Messi reconsider the option of staying at the Nou Camp.

TYC revealed that Aguero himself is willing to join Barcelona, and his agent has told Laporta that the Manchester City superstar is willing to play at Camp Nou.
In order to be able to get together with Messi, Aguero was even willing to reduce his annual salary of 14 million euros, but accordingly he also asked for a certain signing bonus.
Since Aguero’s contract with Manchester City expires this summer, Barcelona will not need to pay any transfer fee to Manchester City for the introduction of him.

Born in 1988, Aguero joined Manchester City from Atletico Madrid in the Premier League in July 2011, and then he played for Manchester City for ten seasons.
Although he was once the absolute core of Manchester City’s offense, he was plagued by injuries this season. Aguero only played 10 times for Manchester City, started only 4 times, and scored 2 goals.
As Jesus has gradually matured, Manchester City is also willing to let the meritorious veteran go.

However, if Barcelona wants to introduce Aguero, they will also face fierce competition. In addition to Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Inter Milan are also interested in Aguero.
Among them, Juventus has even planned to provide Aguero with a two-year contract with an annual salary of 7 million euros.
Whether Laporta can successfully introduce Aguero to Barcelona is still uncertain.