Lebouf: I don’t want to see Kuku anymore, Chelsea paid 60 million pounds to buy him and got cheated

02, 08th In an interview with ESPN, Chelsea legend Frank Loeb
Husband criticized Chelsea’s signings and bluntly stated that he did not want to see Cucurella play anymore. Kukurelia’s level is not good enough for Chelsea. The Blues spent 60 million pounds to buy him because they were cheated.

LeBoeuf: “Hopefully Reece James and Ben Chilwell will get fit soon because we need them.

We don’t want to see Cucurella again, IMHO I don’t know the player, but the player is not good enough for Chelsea, simple as that.

It’s crazy that Chelsea signed him for £60-£70m, but we can see he’s not at that level.

And Chelsea coach Porter, when asked about Cucurella’s status recently, said: “Mark has a lot of things to deal with, such as how to adapt to a team, how to adapt to a club, how to adapt to a new group.
I think it’s a challenge for him. It’s been difficult for him on the family side as well, so there’s a lot of factors to it. Sometimes it’s simple, you just see him on the court and you’ll
There’s such a judgment on him, but he’s had all sorts of things going on in his life. Obviously, I know him well, I know the best Mark, he’s a top player.”