Lehmann: even if Neuer’s body drops by 10%, he is still no worse than the others.

December 23-Germany’s Michael Suleiman believes Neuer can make a comeback after a serious injury and hopes he can continue to guard the goal for Germany at the 2024 World Cup in Germany.
“I believe he will make a full comeback,” Lehmann said in an interview. “physically, his advantage is that he is better than most others, and even if he drops by 10%, he will not be worse than the others.”
However, Lehmann believes that Neuer’s injury means that the competition for goalkeeper position in the national team of Euro 2024 begins again. He said: “I would hope to be Neuer again, but we also have Kevin Trapp, Mark Andre Terstgen and Bernd Leno, who has done well in the Premier League, or Alexander Nubel.” if he stays abroad and is likely to play there, these are people who are likely to compete. ”
Neuer broke his calf on a recent ski trip and will miss all races for the rest of the season. Bayern Munich are looking for a replacement for Neuer, but Lehmann said: “when Ulrich has to play, he always does well.” He has played an important role in Bayern Munich and has become Bundesliga champion and cup champion in recent years. I knew him when I was in Stuttgart, we played together, we trained together and I knew his potential. If Bayern Munich gets a new goalkeeper, he will have to compete with Ulrich. ”